The ROQU Group

ROQU specialises in partnering with international Governments, State Agencies and Ministries to fulfill premium projects of national importance, including economic and social development, with critical problem solving.

As a trusted partner during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, ROQU successfully helped to solve medical emergency problems and rapidly procured equipment for multiple Governments.

With Health Passport Worldwide, ROQU is providing a meaningful and important solution, rising to meet the COVID-19 challenge head on, for the benefit of all.

Health Passport Worldwide launched on August 28th 2020. 

The system is now fully available to the public. Official COVID-19 testing and vaccination centres can immediately avail of the technology.


If you are an organization providing COVID-19 testing or vaccinations, you can contact: 


to begin using the system immediately.

People and organisations can choose to opt in and setup their Health Passport account. The Health Passport is directly linked to their test and vaccination in real-time.

Review the latest World Health Organization COVID-19 information HERE


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